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The Compacta series of overwrapping machines are designed for fully automatic packaging. The product flow is inline and the wrapping cycle is sensor-controlled to facilitate manual or automatic loading.

Items are wrapped in center-folded film that is sealed on the three remaining edges. Feeding systems ensure superior performances. Production speeds of more than 100 packs/minute are achievable depending on machine configuration and product.

The heated, constant-temperature sealing system can seal all industry standard films, from Polyethylene to Polyolefin to PVC. The BVM side knife produces neat, high-integrity seals, especially when Polyolefin film is used.

Product changeovers do not require the turning of hand wheels or adjustments of product guides, therefore changeover times are short and operational reliability is increased.

The Compacta 5022 has an upper format limit of 450 mm. A format limit is the sum of product width plus product height.

  • Product infeed: Manual or automatic, product infeed controlled by horizontal or vertical photocells
  • Film Types: PE-/PVC-/Polyolefin and other heat sealable centre folded films Film thickness 8 to 100 micron (A film centrefolder can be supplied as an option to fold flat films
  • Film Unwind: Motor driven roller cradle without mandril, infinitely variable speed controlled by dancer bar
  • Waste Strip Wind up: Sufficient capacity for approximately one roll of length 1250 m of 15 micron*
  • Cross seal: Constantly heated, maintenance free with passage height and speed infinitely varialble*
  • Sealin Jaw Drive: Mechanical without brake (wear free) counter movement with pack safety system*
  • Length Seal: Continuously heated, continuously operating suitable for all the above films for unlimited product lengths for films of 8 my, weak shrinkfilms, and product height over 150 mm*
  • In and Outfeed Conveyor: Infinitely adjustable speed via frequency controller (available on Trend as an option). Seal bar bridge between infeed and outfeed for short products available as an option*
  • Control System: Free profammable PLC, touch panel and memory for 100 specific product settings, or 500 as an option (except Compacta Konti)
  • Sensors: Cable connected screwed plug sockets, contact free with indicator diodes
  • Air connection: 6 bar bauseits
  • Zubehör: Fully automatic motorised format change*
  • * dependent on product format and model
  • Subject to technical changes
Approximate format: 450 mm
Sealing width: 500 mm
Passage height: 220 mm
Additionally Possible: 650/650 mm
Speed up to 120T/min (dependent on product format and model)

BVM Adjustable Draw-Off Rollers: increase reliability and
minimise film usage.

Easy Accessible Film Cradle: makes reel changing
operator friendly.

Pusher: mounted on the infeed conveyor of a Compacta, the pusher is designed for round products such as beaker lids and reels of adhesive tape. The pusher is easily removed, the infeed conveyor can function either as a feed conveyor or as a pusher unit.

Feeder A 3535: for feeding products directly from a magazine stack onto the feed conveyor
of a packaging machine, designed for feeding products – such as journals, catalogues, CDs, DVDs – that can be moved from the bottom of a stack by a shuttle mechanism with suction.

Label Applicator:for applying pre-printed labels or labels printed by an integral printing unit that is available as an option.

Centerfolder: available as retrofit unit or integrated in a machine during assembly. Single-wound film can be used with a BVM Centrefolder; the use of single-wound film increases production time by halving the number of reel changes; the Centrefolder unit also simplifies wrapping with preprinted film.