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The LMB-250 is specifically tailored to the LUMBER and Panel Industries. The hydraulic compression strapping system design facilitates maintenance and operation. Top and side compression ensures stable, tight loads that will retain high tension during transportation. The LMB-250 Lumber Press is easily integrated into existing production lines to create a seamless packaging system.

  • 25,000lbs maximum top and side compression.
  • The entire electrical installation is pre- and “hard” wired according to UL 508A, VDE0113 and ENC60105. All cables are covered or assembled within chain channeling when connected to any moving parts of the machine.
  • 100% structural steel construction
  • Ability to strap with polyester or polypropylene strapping without parts change.
  • Superior Electrical/Electronic Design including Allen Bradley Micrologix 1500 logic control
  • Platen up/down motion achieved by 2 hydraulic cylinders using an oversized dual rack and pinion equalizer system.
  • Available with automatic bunk feeder.
  • Available with automatic top corner applicator
  • Easy access for servicing the GS-41HT strapping head
  • Strap dispenser with pulley block accumulation system and electrical brake.
  • Conveyor rollers 2 ½” diameter on 3” centers for smooth operation
  • Allen Bradley Monochrome Touch Screen – play an active part in avoiding operator errors by offering a great versatility for customized information and alarm diagnostics.
  • Up to 8 straps per minute may be applied, depending on package dimensions, strap quality and strap tension required. Maillis PET or other manufacturer strapping may be used without any special adjustment to the strapping head.
  • Strapping patterns can be customized by customer since the systems comes with 2 fully editable strap patterns.
  • Strap tension is adjustable from internal potentiometers.
Production Rate
  • 55 loads per hour
Machine Dimensions
  • 109.50″ L x
  • 51″ W x
  • 99″ H
Maximum Load Size
  • 51″ L x
  • 51″ W x
  • 80″ H
Load Weight
  • 5000 lbs
Approximate Shipping Weight
  • 1400 lbs
Electrical Requirements
  • 120 V /
  • 1 ph /
  • 60Hz
  • 15A
Pneumatic Requirements
  • 3 cfm @
  • 80 psi
  • Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200 PLC
  • 24V control system
  • Current overload protection
  • NEMA 4/12 control cabinet
  • Autoheight sensing photoeye
  • Power on/off switch and status light
  • Start/stop push button
  • Large emergency stop (push / pull type)
  • Manual carriage up/down function
  • Variable table speed (16 RPM) with automatic home position
  • Separate up/down carriage speeds adjustment
  • Separate top and bottom wrap selectors (0-9)
  • Reinforced wrap/manual rotation control
  • Film tension adjustment
  • Top cover pause switch (Splash proof program)
  • Mode switch (Manual or Automatic)
  • Pull cord with 40′ of cable (to be installed by customer)
  • Separate station on front of tower with clamp jog and an additional e-stop
  • Lack of film alarm
  • 14 gauge formed steel tower
  • Forklift Portable base design
  • Heavy duty structural steel construction
Film Delivery System
  • 20″ NO-THREAD® Powered Pre-Stretch Carriage
  • 1 HP AC motor with Allen Bradley variable frequency drive
  • Lifetime warranty on pre-stretch rollers blue compound
  • Film force release for easy pull at start and end of cycle
  • 50-400% pre-stretch ratio (preset to customer spec, Std 200%)
  • Electronic film tension control with analog sensor
  • Film roping bar
  • Lexan roller cover for operator safety
  • Proximity sensor on carriage gate to ensure gate is properly closed
Film Tail Treatment
  • Automated Cut/Clamp & Wipe system
  • Pulse controlled cutter
  • Film alignment arm & Brush on film tail treatment
Film Carriage Drive
  • 1 HP AC motor with Allen Bradley variable frequency drive
  • Two #50 carriage lifting chains enclosed in tower for safety
  • Bearing supported maintenance free guide wheels
  • 51″ x 51″ octagonal table 3/8″ thick
  • 13 5/8″ table height
  • 4 casters with polyurethane coating and tapered roller bearings
Turntable Drive
  • 0-16 RPM variable speed
  • 1 HP AC motor with Allen Bradley variable frequency drive
  • #50 ANSI heavy duty chain drive
  • Electronic soft start/stop
  • Positive turntable alignment controlled by proximity sensor
Technical Information
  • The machine is provided with a manual including electro/mechanical schematics and drawings, troubleshooting guide & Installation instructions
  • Notes:
  • Optional
  • Production rate based on load configuration and machine options
  • Overall dimensions of machine in operation
  • All machine specifications are subject to change without prior notice
  • Please consult your distributor for prices.
  • Please note that retrofits are to be installed by a Certified Wulftec Technician.