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  • Child Safe Cartons with Custom Printing
  • Die Cut and Foam Inserts To Protect Your Product
  • Perfect for Edibles, Vape, Liquids, and Pre-Rolls
  • Custom Engineered Inner Trays
  • In-House Printing w/ Special Coatings and Finishes
  • Packaging Equipment that Scales with Your Business

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Certified child-resistant carton as required by law complete with high quality printing and graphics. Choose the best size carton and insert for your cannabis products. No Upfront Tooling Costs. Perfect for edibles packaging, pre-rolls, concentrates, and vape cartridges and pens.


Custom thermaform trays, die cut and foam inserts for edibles, vape, liquids, and pre-roll cartons.

We also offer custom engineered inner thermoformed trays for the best form, fit, and function for your specific product, including edibles, vape, liquids, and pre-rolls.

If you don’t require customization, we invite you to explore our Stock Box Selection.


Automatic scales, labeling, lidding, and more equipment specific to the cannabis industry.

As your company grows, you need a way to scale up your operations and improve your accuracy in the process. Stop leaving money on the production floor! Our high speed cannabis flower scale provides the following benefits for your booming business:


  1. Repeatable accuracy
  2. Integration with delivery system (conveyor)
  3. Scalability to complete automation – this includes cappers, verification check, sealing, labeling, and boxing
  4. Runs up to 14 lbs of product per hour for eighths running at 30 per minute
  5. Uses 14 buckets that combine to make 4 or 5 weights for better accuracy
    Runs variable sized product

Atlantic Packaging is the exclusive supplier of Locked4Kids child resistant cartons for the cannabis industry in the U.S. Our partnership brings their award-winning design to marijuana packaging.

Pat Caccavella

Cannabis Packaging Sales