Nov 14, 2023

Atlantic Packaging President Wes Carter was interviewed by Mike Switzer, host of South Carolina Business Review, on South Carolina Public Radio about Atlantic Packaging and his efforts in making the supply chain more sustainable.

Mike has hosted and produced the South Carolina Business Review since 2000. It can be heard each weekday morning at 7:50 a.m. EST on South Carolina’s Public Radio Network. The six-minute show features interviews with entrepreneurs, business owners, and business leaders from across the state of South Carolina. A state that is home to three of Atlantic Packaging’s facilities.

Many people in South Carolina have a strong appreciation for the outdoors and conservation. Wes’ initiative to make the supply chain more sustainable has resonated deeply with many outdoor-recreation organizations interested in making the switch to curbside-recyclable packaging. A New Earth Project, a sustainability initiative of Atlantic Packaging, is supplying packaging to meet this demand.

“Traditionally, we’ve really operated in a linear economy where we extract things from the earth, we create products, and then what we don’t use becomes waste that either ends up in a landfill or ends up in the environment, unfortunately,” says Wes. “There is a tremendous amount of innovation that has to happen, and we need a lot of collaboration between the business community and also with our state and local governments to ensure that.”

Transitioning to a circular economy will take the cooperation and collaboration of businesses, governments, and consumers alike. Wes Carter and Atlantic Packaging aim to accelerate the transition to a packaging industry that causes no net harm to the environment.