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Over the last decade, we’ve hired material and equipment experts in-house to help give our customers an edge when it comes to choosing the right films and the right equipment settings for their specific applications.  We’ve seen first-hand how successful this strategy has been in terms of protecting their products and reducing their material costs.

Stretch Film University is a program developed by these experts in our stretch packaging field. Customers are invited to come to our Charlotte, NC facility to get a close-up look at our data-driven approach to stretch wrapping. We start with an informative presentation, then demonstrate a variety of wrap patterns and settings on our test equipment. We also show how tracking material usage will help keep customers’ stretch operation in optimal performance.

Because differences or changes in stretch film application are not apparent simply by looking at a wrapped pallet, you can apply a pound of film or 4 ounces of film to a load and it will look exactly the same. Stretch Film University reveals the differences in film application and educates our customers on proper application for best performance and lowest cost.

Contact Atlantic to learn more and to book a session at Stretch Film University: (704) 588-1400.