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For sealing bagged fresh food, you need an easy-to-use and reliable band sealer.  And with the rise of product traceability requirements, you also need an accurate timestamp that works with your system.

Atlantic has taken the success of PackRite’s BandRite sealer and integrated a compact HP Printer to bring you a machine that meets both of these challenges.

Here are some of the features of the BandRite Sealer from Atlantic:

  • USDA approved for food applications
  • Heat seals polyethylene and barrier films
  • Real-time product traceability  with time and date stamp
  • Clear, sharp coding and marking

The BandRite allows you to change from one type of bag or seal to another with virtually no machine down time. And maintenance is easy with a tilt-away drive system that eliminates the need for tools in a sealing band change.

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The BandRite Sealer with Integrated HP Printer is on display at Atlantic’s Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte, NC. We invite you to schedule a time to visit the Center and see this machine in action.