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With the continued rise of online shopping, especially in the midst of the global pandemic we’re facing, e-commerce sales are growing rapidly and taking more marketshare.

According to research from eMarketer, e-commerce is expected to reach 14.5% of total retail sales in 2020, representing both an all-time high and the biggest share increase in a single year.” (source: US Ecommerce 2020.)

E-Commerce offers convenience which is critical as people around the world rely on online shopping for essential goods including food, beverage, health, and pharmaceutical products.

One of the existing challenges has been how to improve sustainability and reduce waste associated with shipping and packaging.  We’ve done a lot of work with E-Commerce FulFillment at our Packaging Solution Center to identify systems and innovative products that help optimize packaging and shipping.

Consumer Demand

In addition to those improvements, our customers and their consumers have been asking for options in fully curbside recyclable packaging products for e-commerce.  Corrugated is one option but that can be overkill for some smaller and less fragile products that don’t require a corrugated box.  Boxes also usually require some amount of void fill – even more packaging – to protect the product inside.

Mailers are a great option for e-commerce fulfillment.  They are lighter and less expensive to ship and don’t require void fill for added protection.  However, mailers are either 1) not recyclable at all due to the mix of plastic or filler in their composition or, 2) they require consumers to take them to a special place for recycling.  So often, these mailers go right into the trash.

Consumers have made their voices heard and have put the pressure on for these mailers to be easily recyclable.

Curbside Recyclable

Today, we have the product that fits the bill.  We now have options in 100% fully curbside recyclable mailers in both padded and paper envelope options.

Eco-Mailer Collection

These sustainable mailers offer a wealth of benefits.  They are:

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • In Supply
  • Durable & High Performance
  • Designed for Easy Packing
  • 100% Curbside Recyclable
  • Customizable with Printing & Branding Options

We are so excited to bring these mailers to the marketplace. We think this product will help change the trend of e-commerce packaging to emphasize sustainability and easy recyclability.

Explore more features of our Curbside Recyclable Mailers and contact us to learn more.

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Curbside Recyclable Mailers