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Atlantic Packaging’s Flexible Packaging Systems

Our flexible packaging systems and supplies are used by some of the top food suppliers in the industry.  Our flex packaging materials include co-extruded barrier, shrink, laminated, and all grades of polyethylene films.

Our vast inventory of general packaging materials, industrial supplies, and items specific to the food industry and other specialty markets allows us to pass cost savings and fast, efficient turnarounds on to our customers.

Atlantic understands the importance of honoring your production flow and, to that effect, we make sure to coordinate the supply of your packaging materials into your production schedule so that your internal network can maintain focus on your process.

We further support your production with on-site technical representatives who provide the quick and intense responsiveness demanded in food processing.

While bagging and wrapping are a core part of our product and service offering, we also have sales specialists and designers with an extensive background in food labels and marketing to assist in the development and design of printed materials.

The advantage in choosing Atlantic Packaging for your flexible packaging systems and materials is that we can help our clients eliminate multiple vendor transactions and combine commodity products with core packaging items for across-the-board cost savings and outstanding customer service.

Contact the experts at Atlantic Packaging today to learn how we can help you establish better efficiency at lower costs overall: 1-800-722-5841


Atlantic’s Protective Packaging Solutions

Good design is simple, elegant, and efficient.

Here at Atlantic Packaging, we believe that great products deserve great packaging. This is why we have a dedicated custom packaging design lab in our Youngsville, North Carolina facility. We develop packaging designs that are engineered to maximize product protection, minimize packing material, and reduce production floor assembly time to bring our customers significant savings.

Our inital step is to evaluate the product’s shape, establish appropriate support points, and create 3D custom packaging design in CAD. Basic packaging elements such as foam, corrugated, SBS, and other materials are strategically cut and assembled during this in-house sample creation process.

Small runs of samples can be used for shipping minimal quantities of high-end products that do not justify tooling. We can also run ship tests from individual packs up to full pallets, including sending them to licensed labs for fully instrumented drop tests and assembly time studies.

Our production facility includes foam die cutting, slitting, perfing, saw-cutting equipment and, of course, our design lab.

The goal of our custom packaging design lab is to achieve the best product protection at the lowest cost for our customers.

Call our experts today to learn how our protective packaging solutions can benefit your product and your business: 800-722-5841

Atlantic Client Testimonial –

Before switching to a fully automated shrink wrapping machine from Atlantic Packaging,, an online store selling gift baskets for every occasion, was experiencing a much higher rejection rate due to errors in the shrink wrapping. The manual machines the company was using previously required a great deal of training to get new employees up to speed on using them correctly. This added to their overall overhead cost and also added to greater instances of human error in the packaging.

After consulting with Atlantic Packaging, decided on a fully automatic shrink wrapping machine that simplifies the wrapping process, sending the baskets through one machine in a timely fashion and eliminating the possibility of human error. was able to work remotely with Atlantic Packaging, sending them videos of their process to be evaluated by the technicians at Atlantic in order to find opportunities for improvement in terms of quality, efficiency, and reduced costs. Together, they came up with a solution and is now fully equipped with packaging equipment that suits their specific needs.

Learn more about packaging equipment, products, and services from Atlantic Packaging that can help streamline your processes. Call our professionals today to get started: 910-343-0624

Shrink Packaging Solutions

Shrink Packaging Solutions

Atlantic Packaging offers shrink packaging solutions diverse enough to meet the needs of nearly any client. Our engineering and film selection team combined with our technical experts work together to provide a shrink packaging system, including equipment and materials, to accommodate specific applications, budgets and outputs.

Our shrink packaging equipment options vary from hand-fed, manual feeds to semi-automatic and fully automatic systems. Depending on our clients’ needs for rapid response, overnight production line make-ready, and the downtime requirements, the experts at Atlantic can offer a shrink packaging program ideal for almost any commercial scenario.

Whether you’re a contract packager, food manufacturer, producer of medical products, retail goods, or have products with unique shrink film applications such as candles or bakery products, Atlantic Packaging is committed to improving your process to make you more profitable.

We maintain equipment inventory to ensure that a client can have a shrink packaging system operating in their plant right away. Our fleet of readily available rental equipment, loaners, and flexible purchase agreements address the crucial demands of time, commitments, and budgets.

Along with our equipment options,we offer shrink films and materials from the leading developers of film technology with Bemis Clysar as our flagship polyolefin film. Atlantic further represents Reynolds, a domestic manufacturer of PVC films, and many polyethylene manufacturers, including Flexsol and First Films, bringing innovation alternatives and high performance films to a competitive marketplace.

Atlantic is dedicated to providing excellent training and technical assistance to support our clients’ transition to a new shrink packaging system as well as providing routine equipment maintenance and upgrades over time. Contact our sales team today to discuss our shrink packaging options and solutions to make your operations more streamlined and profitable. Call us at 1-800-722-5841.