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Kick Off of the Packaging Solution Center

Kick Off of the Packaging Solution Center

On Wednesday, August 9th, 2017, Atlantic held the first tour of the Packaging Solution Center as part of a four day Grand Opening event.  Atlantic sales, senior managers, technicians, engineers and more along with Choate builders, carpet layers, welders, and furniture installers worked until the wee hours of the morning to get the Center ready to go for our first guests to arrive at 8:30am.

Our guests included customers, vendors, and partners from around the US, Mexico, and Canada.  We were so excited to introduce the equipment and expertise at the Center – some never having existed in the packaging industry and some never displayed together in an exhibition and demonstration environment like this.

Here’s how our first day went.

8:30 am: Wes Carter welcomed our very first guests in the lobby of the Packaging Solution Center, where construction completed just hours before everyone arrived.

Guests gather in the lobby

Wes welcomes the very first guests to the Packaging Solution Center

Wes spoke about the vision for the center.  It started as a passion project to focus on innovation in packaging, custom solutions across a variety of applications, and advanced unit load testing that could help establish new standards. Over the last decade, Atlantic has developed a technical and scientific approach to packaging and this Center brings this approach to its full realization.

8:45am: Guests moved through our viewing area and onto the testing floor for an explanation and demonstration of the two centerpieces of equipment – the Multi-Axis Vibration Table and the Braking and Impact Sled.  These were built by Lansmont and Team Corporations. You can read more about our partnership with them here.

These pieces of equipment are the first of their kind in the packaging industry and offer an opportunity to establish standards and validate shipping solutions.

Kyle Dunno introduces and demonstrates the Multi-Axis Transportation Simulator

Braking & Impact Test Sled

8:55am: Guests broke off into two groups to tour stations around the rest of the center.

9am – 12pm: Experts at each station introduced materials and equipment that all bring efficiency, automation, and streamlined solutions to our customers.

Stations include a fully automated packaging line – from case erecting to packing, sealing, palletizing, and wrapping – as well as shrink wrapping and bundling, labeling, and horizontal stretch wrapping. In these stations, we’re featuring our partners Wulftec, Pearson, Extreme, TexWrap, and Clysar among others.

Fully Automated Packaging Line

Fully Automatic Wulftec Ring Wrapper

Automated Bagging and Cartoning Line

The Packaging Solution Center also has a full e-commerce demonstration line featuring the latest materials and equipment from leaders in protective packaging and automation including Sealed Air, Ranpak, and 3M Combi.

Automated Right Size Boxing for E-Commerce Fulfillment

This is an incredibly impressive line that presents options to improve the customer experience of e-commerce packaging, from fully protected products, to branded void fill, and optimized box selection that reduces the dim weight for reduced shipping costs.

Guests also toured our Film Lab, demo’d Atlantic’s MUST Monitoring, and learned about our Stretch University.

Overall, this was a comprehensive tour of all the equipment, materials and expertise offered at the Packaging Solution Center.  It’s truly the first center of its kind to showcase and demonstrate products from the leading manufacturers in the packaging industry.

We look forward to welcoming our guests for the rest of our Grand Opening event and beyond.

Here’s a photo gallery from the rest of the Grand Opening.

View our Flickr album from the entire 4-day event.

Announcing Atlantic’s Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte, NC

Announcing Atlantic’s Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte, NC

The most advanced testing equipment and research facility in the packaging industry

Charlotte, N.C., July 25, 2017 — Atlantic Packaging announces the opening of their Packaging Solution Center, a multi-million dollar facility in Charlotte, N.C. that will be the first of its kind outside the academic field to feature advanced research, testing, and shipping certification.

Using the testing technology available at this facility, Atlantic will establish a brand-new model in the packaging industry, one with a science-based approach to eliminate guesswork and to create industry-wide shipping standards.

Atlantic was founded in 1946 and has built its reputation over 70 years in the packaging industry.

In the last decade, the company has emerged as a leader in technical packaging expertise with an in-house staff equipped to service sophisticated machinery, engineer automated systems, develop turnkey integrated packaging lines, and consult on high performance materials best suited for a wide variety of applications, from stretch and shrink, to flexible, labeling, and protective packaging.

The Solution Center in Charlotte is a culmination of Atlantic’s dedication to technology in packaging. This is an 80,000 square foot facility representing a $10 million investment. It’s the first and only facility in the industry to offer a Multi-Axis Transportation Simulator for unit load testing in the consumer products industry.

This Multi-Axis system was commissioned by Atlantic and built by Lansmont and TEAM, the leaders in vibration and impact testing equipment for organizations that include NASA and the U.S. military. It simulates real-world transit conditions and represents the most accurate testing equipment available anywhere in the packaging industry.

“The truly unique thing about the Atlantic Solution Center in Charlotte is the investment we’ve made in sophisticated packaging and unit load testing equipment,” says Atlantic President, Wes Carter. “If one of our customers is experiencing damage in transit, we can literally re-create that specific route in our center to see where and how their products are failing. This allows us to create customized packaging solutions based on scientific data, virtually eliminating shipping damage and reducing overall packaging costs.”

Customers from major consumer products companies will be able to test for the right combination in equipment settings, materials and automation to find a qualified solution that protects their products consistently and efficiently.

The Center also features a packaging lab for testing flexible materials as well as several fully integrated packaging lines to showcase the latest in equipment automation. One of these lines is dedicated to innovative e-commerce automation with the latest equipment from protective packaging leaders including Sealed Air, Ranpak, and 3M.

“The real value in the Solution Center is that the customer can view multiple options from various manufacturers,” says Eric Farmer, Atlantic VP for E-Commerce Sales. “They can decide which option they prefer based on cost, sustainability, and effectiveness. Then we can use the lab to verify those results.”

The Grand Opening event for the Packaging Solution Center is August 8th – 12th, 2017. The Center will be open by appointment for customers beginning August 14th.


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