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CTM Label Applicator

CTM Label Applicator


Choosing the right label applicator for your packaging line will bring several advantages.  It will streamline your process while providing consistent output and lowering costs overall.

For our poultry customers at Atlantic, we recommend the CTM Label Applicator.  We’ve found great success with this model in processing facilities.  The CTM system allows for labeling the top, bottom and side of food products. The food grade friction belt helps to stabilize products while labeling.

Here are other important features of this machine:

  • Dispenses labels at up to 3,000 inches per minute
  • Configure as a merge, blow-on or tamp-blow applicator
  • 5″, 7.5″ or 10″ widths
  • Easily switch modules to the opposite hand with few or no change parts in a minimum amount of time
  • Combined power supply, amplifier and position controller to comprise a single drive package
  • Single axis digital stepper / servo controller controls up to five tasks simultaneously plus management of variables with expanded I/O
  • Electronic control assembly module can be easily removed for repair or replacement, eliminating costly downtime and servicing
  • Stepper motor allows for “self-teaching” label sensor
  • Stepper drive uses a micro pulse driver for increased accuracy and performance
  • File encryption allows for easy on-site software revisions and upgrades

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The CTM Labeler is ideal to help streamline your poultry packaging operation by improving productivity, speed, and consistency. Atlantic technicians are adept at assessing your needs and applications for a labeler as well as installing, and servicing the equipment.

Contact us if you have questions or want to learn more.

Pattyn Poly Bag Inserter

Pattyn Poly Bag Inserter

Spotlight on the Pattyn Poly Bag Inserter

To help automate your packaging line, the Flexim-31 Poly Bag Inserter from Pattyn makes made-to-measure bags from a roll of polyethylene film and automatically inserts the bags into different types of containers: cardboard boxes, crates, trays, tins, pails or styrofoam cases.

This machine offers some great advantages.  Because you’re starting from a parent roll of film, you have a lower cost per bag.  The machine is compact, high performance, and versatile.  It can also integrate with a case erector, weigh filler, bag closer and case sealer for a fully automated packaging line for ultimate efficiency.

Save up to 30% with made-to-measure bags from a reel, compared to preformed bags
2000 bags on one reel of PE-film for higher autonomy
Quick and ergonomic film roll exchange from the operator side

For case studies and customer success stories about the Pattyn Bag Inserter, please contact Atlantic today.

Keymac K101 Sleever

Keymac K101 Sleever


The Keymac K101 Carton Sleever is a fully automatic sleeving machine ideal for the ready meal market.  With low maintenance requirements and reduced running costs, this model adds speed, efficiency, and accuracy to your automated packaging line.

Atlantic equipment specialists have installed and maintained the K101 sleever in processing environments with great success. The stainless steel construction and small footprint are just two of the assets that make this machine a worthy addition to your line.

Here are some other key features:

  • Continuous Motion
  • Speeds up to 30 packs per minute
  • Small footprint of only 1.5m (6’)
  • Simple low maintenance design features
  • Energy saving design using pre-glued sleeves
  • Robust stainless steel construction

If you’re interested in automating the sleeving process or if you’re just getting into the ready meal market and need a solution to make this fast and efficient, give us a call to see if the Keymac K101 is the right machine for you.

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Combi Washdown Ergopack System

Combi Washdown Ergopack System


For full end-of-line case packaging in washdown environments, the Combi Ergopack is the ideal system.  It combines a case erector, an ergonomic hand pack station, and a case sealer in a sanitary design perfect for processing facilities.

Atlantic has seen great success with this case packing station with our food processing customers.  Its stainless steel construction and ergonomic design ensures the safety of your product, your operation, and your employees.

Here’s what makes the Combi Ergopack such a great end-of-line packing station:

  • Washdown Ready – stainless steel materials are corrosion resistant and compatible with cleaning and sanitizing chemicals
  • Cleanable and Accessible – designed for easy access cleaning and inspection without the use of tools
  • Water Shedding Surfaces – covers are self-draining to ensure the product , water, or liquids do not accumulate or pool
  • No Hollow Areas or Niches – equipment is free of niches and and hollow areas and all welds are continuous
  • Hygenic Maintenance Enclosures – control panels are sloped or pitched and easily accessed for cleaning and sanitizing

Atlantic’s equipment specialists are experienced with the Combi Ergopack and can handle installation, implementation, and maintenance.

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When it comes to washdown-ready equipment for food processing environments, Atlantic has an expert sales, service, and equipment team in place to help you get what you need, when you need it.

Explore more features of the Ergopack in this video:

Marinated Poultry Automated Bagger

Marinated Poultry Automated Bagger

We have Your Solution for Automatically Bagging Fresh Marinated Poultry.

There are unique challenges when it comes to bagging marinated poultry cuts.  In particular, it’s difficult to remove air and get a clean seal when dealing with marinade and automated bagging equipment.

Introducing the Black Forest Vertical Form, Fill & Seal (VFFS) Machine. In addition to being IP65 rated and stainless steel washdown ready, this machine features squeeze rollers for clean seals, leak prevention, and air removal.

Here are some of the other features of the Black Forest VFFS machine from Atlantic:

  • Proven design for poultry operations
  • Stainless steel washdown sanitary execution
  • Continuous-motion servo-driven (8 servo drives/motors)
  • Squeeze rollers for clean seals, leak prevention, and air removal
  • Specially designed horizontal seal jaws for maximum seal integrity
  • Stainless steel overhead product catch tray
  • Powered film roll unwind
  • Stainless steel manual splice table
  • Automatic film tracking
  • Vacuum-assist film drive belts
  • Allen-Bradley PLC, HMI, servo drives, servo motors

The Black Forest VFFS automated bagger accommodates a range of poultry cuts from nuggets and tenders, to split breasts and uneven cuts.

See this machine in action:

Contact Us

Download this PDF to learn more and contact Mark Bullard with Atlantic’s Food Processing Sales Team with any questions.

BandRite Heat Sealer with HP Printer

BandRite Heat Sealer with HP Printer

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For sealing bagged fresh food, you need an easy-to-use and reliable band sealer.  And with the rise of product traceability requirements, you also need an accurate timestamp that works with your system.

Atlantic has taken the success of PackRite’s BandRite sealer and integrated a compact HP Printer to bring you a machine that meets both of these challenges.

Here are some of the features of the BandRite Sealer from Atlantic:

  • USDA approved for food applications
  • Heat seals polyethylene and barrier films
  • Real-time product traceability  with time and date stamp
  • Clear, sharp coding and marking

The BandRite allows you to change from one type of bag or seal to another with virtually no machine down time. And maintenance is easy with a tilt-away drive system that eliminates the need for tools in a sealing band change.

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The BandRite Sealer with Integrated HP Printer is on display at Atlantic’s Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte, NC. We invite you to schedule a time to visit the Center and see this machine in action.

Code Tech TIJ Printers

Code Tech TIJ Printers

Spotlight on Code Tech TIJ Printers

When it comes to marking and coding in your processing environment, Atlantic offers a Code Tech thermal ink jet (TIJ) system that rivals any continuous ink jet (CIJ) you may have.

Our Code Tech printers are:

IP65 rated
Washdown Ready
No Mess
No Maintenance
Easy to Use

These compact, click-and-go printers use solvent based ink – just like the CIJ printers – that prints on non-porous materials including glass, plastic, and metal. With Code Tech systems, the ink is contained within one single cartridge so every time you click in a new cartridge, you get a new printer.  And that’s with zero downtime.

Plus, you eliminate the need and the costs associated with disposing of hazardous materials in the plant.

The stainless steel washdown printers are IP65 rated and ideal for processing environments. Our Atlantic technicians are skilled at integrating these compact printers with your VFFS machines to make them work with your unique setup. The washdown units print on Cryovac, Bemis and other barrier films.

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Code Tech printers are on display with various machines at Atlantic’s Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte, NC.  We invite you to schedule a time to visit the Center and see these printers in action.

Pearson Bag Inserter

Pearson Bag Inserter

Spotlight on Pearson Bag Inserters

Atlantic has been working in the food processing industry for over 40 years, servicing our customers with materials, equipment, and service that helps keep your production running smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

Over all these decades, we’ve become experts in installing and servicing automated packaging equipment designed specifically for this industry.

In Our Spotlight on Equipment series, we wanted to share with you some of the machines that can make a tremendous difference in your packaging operation.

Today, our focus is on Pearson’s line of automated bag inserters.  Pearson is a trusted partner of ours and we recommend their equipment based on our own extensive experience working with them over the years. They are reliable, user-friendly, and get the job done.

Pearson Bag Inserters open, insert, and cuff plastic bags from roll stock into a wide variety of corrugated cases at speeds up to 18 cases per minute.

The machine uses a mandrel to drive the bag down inside the case and ensure it’s correctly inserted every time, with the proper outer bag cuff, so it maintains position during bulk loading and subsequent uncuffing / sealing.

As for materials, it requires pre-perforated & gusseted roll stock to ensure a consistent, quality seal every time with less machine maintenance and lower material costs.

Pearson’s User Centric Design is standard on these machines, with an optimized graphic and mechanical interface that assists operators and technicians to independently operate and maintain the equipment.

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This machine is on display and operational at Atlantic’s Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte, NC.  We invite you to schedule a time to visit the Center and see the Pearson bagger, as well as other machines that integrate with it to create a fully automated packing line.