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  One of the unique things about stretch film is that you can apply a pound of film or 4 ounces of film to a load and it looks exactly the same. Stretch Film University reveals the differences in film application and educates on proper application for best performance and lowest cost.  

Stewart Whitmire
VP Atlantic Packaging

Stewart Whitmire

Whitmire stewart lg

Stewart Whitmire

Stewart has spent his entire professional career in packaging, the first ten years as an equipment sales specialist for Dillard Paper where he trained under Ed Turlington, now a senior manager at Atlantic. This relationship would ultimately bring Stewart to Atlantic when, in 2000, Ed (then head of Atlantic’s equipment program) recruited Stewart to bring an equipment focus to the newly acquired Greenville, SC office.

Stewart’s position in Greenville led to him handling large accounts and gaining experience regarding his customers’ needs and how they interact with packaging equipment and materials. He used that knowledge and began working more closely with our suppliers and our purchasing group to develop programs for Atlantic’s Benchmark private label products, including stretch film and tapes. Stewart is instrumental today in that procurement role and in communicating with our sales team about the products and the best practices for equipment and materials.

Stewart is also a key figure in our Packaging Film Lab and Stretch Film University, programs that provide opportunities for our customers to become more educated about stretch film properties. Our goal is to help our customers understand stretch film usage and the proper wrap patterns that will help reduce pallet damage and save money on film. These are hands-on, results-oriented programs developed using the insight gained in Stewart’s own experience with his customers over the years.

Atlantic is dedicated to providing our customers with the most technically advanced resources in the packaging industry. Stewart’s role as a product specialist creates amazing opportunities for our sales team to recommend the best possible products and for our customers to make informed choices and implement best practices for their unique applications in packaging.


Reduce Pallet Damage with Better Stretch Wrap Methods

Many manufacturing companies turn to us after experiencing repeated product damage and load failure from their existing pallet wrap setup. They need a solution to eliminate this damage and reign in expensive losses. The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) estimates that pallet damage accounts for over $2.6 billion in losses each year.

It is a myth that simply adding more stretch wrap to a pallet will better protect the product. Typically, adding more stretch wrap with the same wrap pattern and equipment settings already in use will only add to the cost of packaging and will not reduce potential damage caused by braking, accelerating, cornering, and other maneuvers that occur in transit.

Atlantic's Stretch Film University seeks to show our customers first-hand the elements of a properly wrapped pallet and the overall effect this can have on reducing damage and saving costs.

Hands-On Training

Wcrt 200 wulftec stretch wrapper

Hands-On Training for Optimal Stretch Wrap Performance

Stretch Film University is our way of passing along the film knowledge and data that we've gathered through extensive research in our Film Lab over a multitude of applications.

We welcome maintenance personnel, machine operators, quality inspectors, and management to take our training and better understand the significance of optimal stretch wrap methods and the impact this can have on damage reduction and increased revenue.

Consider 2 pallets wrapped in stretch film each with the same type of film. Would you be able to tell the difference in the stretch wrapping method by simply looking at them?

It's not unusual for the pallet that is better wrapped to actually cost less. Consistency in material usage, wrap pattern, and equipment settings results in a more efficient process, less material and waste, and greater cost savings.

Learn more about Stretch Film and Equipment.

Modern Packaging Challenges

Modern Packaging Demands Better Stretch Application

Reduction in plastics and other materials for packaging over the last decade means there are greater demands on pallet wrapping to protect products during transit. Elements of prestretch, secondary stretch, wrap pattern, and overlap are all essential to achieve the desired containment force that dictates how well the film can protect the product.

Through demonstrations and hands-on testing at the Atlantic Stretch Film University, we help you understand how all the elements of stretch wrap application contribute to the best possible pallet wrapping method for a particular use.

  The purpose of a piece of stretch equipment is not just to put film on the load, but to apply the film properly so that the load makes it to the customer without damage.  

Bruce Laughter
Stretch Systems Programing

Bruce laughter

Laughter bruce lg

Bruce Laughter

Bruce specializes in programming and working on automatic high-speed stretch wrapping equipment for Atlantic and our customers. He has a background as a systems integrator and controls engineer, writing PLC programming code and creating different logic to make machinery work together. In that line of work, his expertise was integrating multiple pieces of machinery together and creating an operator interface that would control the full system.

Bruce then moved into the packaging industry where he applied his skills and experience to working on stretch equipment. With his perspective as a controls engineer, he found that he had an inherent understanding of how the machinery works and how it can be manipulated to meet the very specific needs of each packaging environment and application.

Bruce is now a vital part of our Atlantic team with the ability to see beyond a specific equipment problem to find ways that processes and systems can be improved for optimal performance of the packaging line. Bruce is also our lead technician for Atlantic’s MUST program where he helps establish benchmark settings on stretch wrappers, monitors activity, and ensures that the film and the machinery are working together in a way that is most ideal for the application.


Topics Covered

Topics Covered in Stretch Film University

We cover topics that range from the foundations of stretch film and film properties, to measuring containment force, comparing films, and the best practices in stretch wrapping. Below are a few of the specific topics you can expect to learn about at Stretch Film University.

  • Forces at Work
  • Preventative Forces
  • Stretch Explained
  • Compression Force
  • Stretch Resistance
  • Containment Force
  • How to Measure Containment Force
  • Atlantic's Stretch Methodology

Meet the experts involved in Stretch Film University, including Stewart Whitmire, Kyle Pischel, and John Cook as well as our resident stretch wrapping technicians Bruce Laughter and Ken Fields on our Experts page.