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Die Cutting

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Die cutting air filters

  Over the last 25 years, we have developed what we believe to be the premier program of products to supply the Air Filtration Industry.

Our offering of die cut frames, narrow width rolls, printed inserts and packaging materials such as shrink film and overwrap film is unmatched by any other supplier.

We look forward to the opportunity to explore how we can help you.  

Brad Fields
VP, Industrial Converted Products

Brad Fields

Fields brad lg

Brad Fields

Brad began his career in the late 1970's, working in purchasing positions in the apparel and textile industry . His relationship with Atlantic started here, as a customer, and in 1983 he made the switch to working directly for Atlantic in outside sales.

His work in sales led him to the air filter industry in the mid-1980’s where he was able to fulfill a specialized order for die cutting heavy weight chipboard products through Atlantic’s converting operation. Meeting the demand for these chipboard spacers on manual die cutters soon developed into a more diverse business in industrial converting that included air filter frames and other related products.

Brad oversaw the installation of die cutters and printing presses in a new, dedicated location in Tabor City N.C. in the early 1990’s that would provide greater capabilities to serve this sector.

Today, Brad manages national programs for our customers that include the sourcing of paperboard and the production, manufacturing, and implementation of converted paperboard solutions. Under his leadership, Atlantic continues to dedicate resources to our industrial converting operation as we pursue new opportunities for growth and expansion.


It all started with a simple "yes."

When a potential new customer asked if we were able to die cut air filter frames, we said "Yes."

That answer launched us into a decades-long partnership with customers in the air filtration industry. What started with a single die cutting machine has grown into a vendor partnership for air filtration manufacturers that covers all facets of your operation.

From die cutting frames to narrow width slitting, printed inserts, and packaging equipment, Atlantic has the experience and resources to serve you with quality and efficiency.

Die Cutting

Atlantic can produce nearly any design you need for your filter frames, whether that involves standard tooling or complex die cuts.

With decades of developing plates for air filter frames, we've amassed a selection of standard sizing that makes it easy, convenient, and economical for you when standard tooling fits the order.

We also have the capacity to build more intricate dies to represent your unique brand.

Our commitment to the air filtration industry means that we have the equipment and the people dedicated to handling your production needs at their peak. We adapt seamlessly to fluctuations caused by seasonal orders, promotions, and other shifts and changes in the industry.

Count on Atlantic to deliver the die cuts and frames you need, when you need them.

  Atlantic provides supplies and resources from design and prepress all the way through production that allows you to get comprehensive solutions under one roof.  

Lewis Deans
Air Filtration, Custom Programs

Lewis Deans

Deans lewis lg

Lewis Deans

Lewis Deans was immersed in the world of packaging upon arriving at Atlantic in 2004. His early experience in customer service, inside sales, technical service, inventory and distribution propelled him into direct sales of equipment and materials. This education in the packaging industry gave Lewis a broad and insightful perspective that today informs his work with our industrial converting customers.

TLewis handles sales, project management, and logistics in our industrial converting and printing operation. He has a talent for designing comprehensive programs for our customers - particularly customers in the air filtration industry - that encompass a full range of Atlantic services including graphic design, printing, production, inventory, and distribution. He is skilled at identifying opportunities to engage Atlantic’s capabilities in a way to create maximum value for the customer.

Lewis is an invaluable resource for our customers when it comes to achieving efficiencies and streamlining operations through every stage of product creation.



Your air filter frames first run through our printing presses to to get your branding, marking and coding exactly right. Whether sheet fed for smaller runs or web fed for larger runs, on coated or uncoated stock, Atlantic has the capacity to deliver your printed frames with quality and precision.

Retail Inserts

Atlantic Printing & Graphics is located directly across the street from our dedicated die cutting operation. Efficiency is the name of the game here.

We print inserts for your air filter frames, ideal for products heading straight for retail markets. Inserts are especially convenient for showing off your brand and offering seasonal or short-run promotions. You have the flexibility of adjusting your messaging as needed while our prepress and graphics department takes care of the layout and setup.


When you use Atlantic as a vendor partner for your air filter frames, your products go through our rigorous quality control processes at every stage of printing, scoring, and die cutting to ensure consistency and excellence in the final product.

Narrow Width Slitting

We provide narrow width slitting as low as 3/8" for customers needing coil stock for self supported pleated filters. If you're manufacturing pleated panel filters, talk to us to get the exact stock you need for the frame.

We supply plain or continuously printed coil stock. We print inline using 2 or 3 colors or 1 color with varnish. Print your brand, UPC code, dimensions, part # or any other coding you need.


From the early stages of our history, Atlantic has emphasized packaging as a core component of our business - packaging materials, equipment, technical service, and consultation.

Every customer we work with relies on packaging to some extent, whether it's getting their materials from warehouses to production facilities, from manufacturing to distribution, or from distribution to retail and on to the consumer. Atlantic has the packaging materials and equipment for any and every step in that process. Our print shop even handles retail packaging with labels, shrink sleeves, cartons and inserts.

And our stocking program ensures that we'll practically always have what you need when you need it.

Bundle It

Our air filtration customers have the advantage of bundling all of Atlantic's products and services together for a vendor that serves all your needs, from manufacturing to the retail shelves. We ship your filter frames, coil stock and packaging materials together in one truckload, with a single purchase order.

Technical Service

Our service technicians are at the heart of Atlantic's customer relationships. When it comes to troubleshooting equipment, setting up new installations, routine maintenance, and operator training, our technicians are an invaluable resource for efficiency and savings.

Atlantic's CrownCare preventative maintenance program helps you minimize the recurring costs of owning and operating your equipment. And our technicians are experts at helping you improve productivity and uptime while reducing waste and preventing product damage.

For our air filtration customers, we can put together a comprehensive vendor program that includes technical service on your packaging equipment to ensure that your process is streamlined and delivering the best possible value.

Learn more about our Technical Service.


As a vendor partner, we understand how important it is that you get the supplies you need when you need them. Often these needs are predictable and anticipated, but there can also be unforeseen or unpredictable circumstances that arise For any of these scenarios, Atlantic's stocking and logistics program is ready to help you.


We own and operate warehouse locations throughout the U.S. to stock supplies and packaging products to fill your orders. We have our own fleet of over 175 trucks with next day, or even same day delivery if needed.

Inventory Management

Our logistics and inventory management program allows you to free up valuable space you need for air filter production while also managing cash flow and reducing administrative tasks. Cut one purchase order for 50 different products and trust that we'll fulfill your order accurately and on-time. (See: Atlantic Inventory Management Program).

Choose Atlantic as your go-to vendor for all your air filtration and production supplies. You can count on us to come through for you, every time.

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