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 With LoadLogic, we're able to help distribution centers wrap every load with the optimal amount of film and the appropriate wrap pattern, all through an automated system. This provides significant savings in material costs

Chip Bennett
VP - Engineering and Automation

Chip Bennett

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Chip Bennett

It is no exaggeration to say that Chip has lifelong experience working with packaging equipment. Growing up in Long Island and then North Carolina, Chip worked for his father’s shrink equipment company and started building shrink wrappers in his teens. He mastered mechanical and electrical engineering throughout his 18 years with the company and developed several shrink packaging designs with his father that were patented over the years.

The technical expertise he gained with packaging equipment and the relationship he formed with Pat Caccavella during that time led to a career move over to Atlantic in 2007.

Chip started here in Equipment Sales and soon after joined the Senior Management group, taking on a role in running Atlantic’s Equipment and Technical Division. Chip brought a new level of structure and organization to our growing technical service and integration programs. He has continued growing this sector of Atlantic’s service offering and also works as a project manager and hands-on with programming, integration, design, testing, troubleshooting, and customizing equipment solutions for our customers.


A Smarter Approach to Packaging

LoadLogic is designed for manufacturers and warehouse distribution centers that routinely create pallets for shipping that vary in size, shape, and weight. The existing default setting is that every pallet gets wrapped as if it's the heaviest and bulkiest load they can make. This results in wasted materials and inefficiencies in packaging.

Our system helps save money on materials by detecting the necessary amount of stretch wrap and the optimal wrap pattern needed for each individual pallet, even when it's loaded differently each time. LoadLogic brings automated efficiency and optimization to the pallet wrapping operation.

Smart Automation

At Atlantic, we understand that not every pallet is created equal, particularly in high-paced, high-volume distribution centers. A short, heavy pallet of metal tools requires a different wrap setting than a tall, lightweight pallet of empty tool boxes.

Up to now, the default scenario has been to set the wrap cycle so that the heaviest possible load will be protected. This default mode is designed to save time while ensuring that all products are protected. But it ends up causing significant overuse and overspending on stretch film.

Save on Time and Materials

Atlantic's LoadLogic system takes height and weight snapshots of every load entering the stretch wrapper. Based on these snapshots, a wrap pattern is automatically called from among 9 customized and pre-programmed settings, ensuring that the optimal amount of stretch film is applied.

With LoadLogic, you're still saving time while also saving on materials AND protecting all your products.


LoadLogic helps you optimize your stretch wrapping operation simply and effectively. Because it's an automated system, you are optimizing the time spent managing the operation. At the same time, you're optimizing the amount of materials being used as well as the wrap pattern that will ensure the most effective load containment.

Optimization is the name of the game when it comes to your stretch packaging.

LoadLogic is the ideal tool designed especially for distribution centers who are handling a variety of loads that seemingly defy a single optimized solution. Let LoadLogic automatically detect the dimensions of each load and and call up the optimal wrap pattern for it. Stop wasting time and materials - get LoadLogic!


Consistency and Sustainability

With our stretch wrap program at Atlantic, our goal is to help our customers get consistent results and sustainable costs savings. LoadLogic was born from this mentality of consistency, smart automation, and optimization to ultimately achieve excellent performance and cost savings.

Contact Atlantic today to learn how LoadLogic can help your stretch wrapping operation.