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  Our ability to understand the unique shipping needs of our customers places us in the best position for effectively wrapping pallet loads at the lowest possible cost.  

Doug Turley
Stretch Packaging

Doug Turley

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Doug Turley

Before entering the packaging industry in 1988, Doug launched a successful career in operations and multi-unit management, starting out of college with The Honey Baked Ham Co as their original store manager in Atlanta and opening a number of Atlanta locations. From there went to work with United Parking as their Director of Operations.

Doug transitioned to working in sales for a small packaging company with a focus on the carpet and flooring industries of North Georgia. It was here that he saw first-hand his customers' challenges with applying stretch wrap to their product and was even instrumental in helping to develop a unique stretch-wrapping machine for automatically wrapping rolls of carpet.

Doug went on to form Specialized Packaging Systems in 1996 with his mentor in the business, Tedd Mendelsohn, where they were repeatedly the #1 distributor for Wulftec brand stretch wrappers. They sold their business to Atlantic in 2004 and joined forces with the team here, using the strengths and assets at Atlantic to continue to build and grow their national accounts.

Doug’s success in his own business and now with Atlantic stems from his ability to understand the unique needs of each of his customers and to consult on the best practices for effectively wrapping pallet loads and achieving the lowest possible costs. He has built his career on providing measurable results for his customers when it comes to setting up and maintaining equipment and establishing optimal material usage.

Atlantic is privileged to have Doug on our team. He is a dedicated, responsive, and strategic resource for our customers.


Beverage Packaging That Holds Up

Our background and experience with packaging for the beverage industry, together with our technical resources, makes Atlantic an invaluable partner for our customers.

Our comprehensive program for beverage manufacturers includes stretch wrappers and equipment, technical service, high performance films, materials, and constant monitoring for optimal performance. We help our clients maintain load consistency, reduce the threat of damaged products, and save money.

Count on Atlantic to be your beverage packaging partner and have confidence in knowing that your product will make it safely to its destination at the lowest possible cost to you.

Stretch Film

At the heart of our packaging solutions for the beverage industry is our use of high performance films for pallet wrapping. Our years of experience working specifically with beverage packaging are put to work in finding more and more advanced strategies that solve problems for our customers while reducing load failure and optimizing the way the film is used.

Cost Savings

When you partner up with Atlantic for your pallet wrapping, you gain the insight and experience of our sales and customer service team as well as our in-house technicians. This powerhouse of a team can make recommendations and adjustments to your overall pallet wrapping system, including equipment and film, that can support the most difficult loads in a cost effective way.

The expertise of our team helps to save money on both the front end, by reducing internal packaging or reducing the amount of film used, and on the back end, by making adjustments to the pre stretch settings or containment force that can significantly reduce the threat of load damage.

Comprehensive program

As a company, Atlantic is prepared to see our beverage packaging customers through changes and advancements in the industry. Our pallet wrapping solutions don’t start and end with selling film. We look at the big picture - from your existing equipment and specific applications to your requests for improvements or changes - and can have a hand in the whole packaging process to ensure that your load gets out the door safely and efficiently.

See more info about our Stretch Packaging Materials and Equipment.

  The greatest value in working with Atlantic is in our expertise, knowledge, and the technical resources we have to optimize stretch wrappers and film to ultimately eliminate damage and lower unit costs.  

Kyle Pischel
M.U.S.T. Technical Director

Kyle Pischel

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Kyle Pischel

Kyle graduated in 2010 from Michigan State’s renowned packaging program. He also strengthened his skills in electrical engineering during his time there and was well positioned for a career in technical sales and consulting in the packaging industry. After graduating, he gained a great deal of insight during an internship for Coca Cola working in the innovations department and focusing on secondary packaging, including stretch wrapping.

Kyle met Ted Mendelsohn and Doug Turley, both heavily involved in stretch packaging for Atlantic, during his time with Coca Cola. After his internship completed, he began work at Atlantic and trained with Ted on the MUST (Materials Usage Standards Tracking) system for stretch wrappers. At the time, MUST was used primarily for Coca Cola so Kyle continued his focus with the beverage industry, specifically on the technical side of stretch wrapping in terms of auditing, implementing, and troubleshooting issues based on data collected from MUST.

Today, Kyle is primarily involved in educating and consulting with our customers on the importance of proper stretch wrap applications that will cut costs significantly when it comes to damage reduction, dunnage reduction, and process efficiency. As industries move towards reducing secondary packaging, proper stretch wrap application has become increasingly more important. Kyle is instrumental in showing our customers the effects of optimal stretch wrap in their packaging and making data-based recommendations that will improve their own end-user experience.


Film Expertise

Shrink and stretch packaging solutions for the beverage industry require creativity, balance, and finesse. The challenges presented when dealing with a live load, whether carbonated or still, are met through a team of specialists at Atlantic. We know and understand the unique needs of the beverage packaging world.

Our Experts

Atlantic invests heavily in human resources, employing engineers and technicians who specialize in film properties and application.

Our experts are put to work designing the proper mix of resins and extruder blends to create film specific to each application. The pre-stretch ratios are optimized for ideal performance and a balance is found between pre stretch and containment forces to provide containment without damage to the product.

Advanced Technology

The technology and resources at our disposal, particularly with our Film Lab and through our MUST monitoring program, allow us to address the demands of stability, consistency, and product protection.

Stretch film properties cannot be detected simply by looking at the film. Problems are often found only after there has been damage. That’s why our MUST monitoring program is such an important part of our service to our beverage packaging customers. MUST continuously audits film application and collects data that our engineers can use to recommend adjustments for improved product protection, ultimately resulting in significantly lower unit costs.


Elmendorf tear test poly film

A partnership with Atlantic for your full beverage packaging operations is valuable in terms of lowering costs, reducing damage, minimizing downtime and improving efficiencies.

Comprehensive services

We have the opportunity to make the most significant impact for our customers with our consulting services, which encompasses a big picture, comprehensive analysis of the packaging equipment, material, application, and operator training as well as an understanding of the beverage industry and advancements in packaging strategy and technology.

Meeting demands

Using the Atlantic team as a consulting partner for beverage packaging provides a source of knowledge on the back end that allows our customers to confidently make the changes needed to meet demands as they arise.

The great value the Atlantic brings to our customers is the expertise, knowledge, and the technical resources that empowers businesses to make significant cost saving changes to their equipment and film application.

Meet Our Experts.

Film Lab

The Atlantic Film Lab in Charlotte, North Carolina is an incredible resource where our technicians can test and quantify films for pallet stretch wrap. This allows our sales team to know for certain with empirical data that we can handle a specific issue you may be facing, or we can take on your beverage packaging operations and we have an accurate price quote on that project.

Data Driven Cost Savings

Our Film Lab represents potential cost savings for our customers. With our testing environment, we can make recommendations for down gauging shrink film and we can discover the real capabilities, tolerance and range of stretch film needed for a particular application.

Packaging with confidence

The Film Lab also represents confidence in making the best possible changes or adjustments to equipment and film to match the application. The data we gather in the Film Lab allows us to make educated recommendations to our customers based on accurate, real world testing.

Learn more about our Film Lab.


Our Material Usage Standards Tracking (MUST) system represents one of the most valuable opportunities we can offer to our beverage packaging customers. This system ensures that the recommended settings for the equipment - as pertains to the specific application - is maintained over time. It allows our service technicians to track changes or shifts in behavior, to investigate the cause of the change, and to make necessary corrections.

Auditing Film Application

The MUST system, exclusively from Atlantic and available for every brand of stretch wrapper, is a monitoring and communication system that continuously audits film application for improved product protection at significantly lower unit costs.

Maintaining Standards

Our overall objective with the MUST system is to virtually eliminate damage and loss during shipping. The data it collects on your stretch wrapper helps our technicians and machine operators maintain the recommended stretching, application, and amount of film in order to reduce load shifting and damage.

The MUST system monitors every load that is wrapped on a given stretch wrapper, and the amount of film applied to a load is recorded and graphed in real-time. If a load is wrapped out of the engineered benchmark, production knows immediately.

MUST Monitoring gives plant personnel the necessary tool to ensure that no load ever leaves their facility with improper stretch film application.

Learn more about Atlantic's MUST Stretch Wrap Monitoring Program.

Must stretch wrap monitor mobile

Sustainable Results

From our Film Lab to our MUST stretch wrap monitoring, Atlantic helps our customers eliminate waste and variability in pallet wrapping. This, in turn, helps eliminate substantial amounts of plastic in the waste stream while also reducing total film cost for the customer.

Our goals are to help our customers achieve sustainability in terms of optimizing equipment and film standards in beverage packaging. Setting and maintaining these standards will optimize the amount of film used for pallet wrapping and improve maximum load integrity, ultimately reducing product damage and waste.

Converted Products

Atlantic represents a strategic blend of manufacturing of packaging materials, distribution of those materials, and consulting on packaging process and efficiency. For the beverage industry, we combine all of these resources to help our clients achieve success.

Slip Sheets, Pallet Covers & More

Our converting operations produce products used widely in the beverage industry, including slip sheets, tie sheets, pallet covers, and corner boards for optimal product protection during transit.

Retail Labels & Sleeves

Our Printing & Graphics division produces high quality labels and shrink sleeves used for beverage retail packaging. We also make labels and inserts used during the packaging process.

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