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  Atlantic provides a great deal of value for the textile industry both in the materials and equipment we can supply for packaging and in the innovative solutions we can devise to help maximize efficiency and lower costs.  

Eric Farmer
VP Textiles Industry
Eric Farmer
Farmer eric lg

Eric Farmer

Eric came to Atlantic in 1994. He was a young newlywed, 25 years old, joining the company after a 2 1/2 year start with Roadway in operations. His first assignment was to open and operate Atlantic’s 3rd branch in Winston-Salem, NC.

Atlantic was a small company at the time and Eric spent his early years training and learning from Rusty, Bill, Geoff, Mike and others. In the mid- 90’s, the textile industry was still heavily entrenched in the Carolinas and the Southeast. Thanks to Rusty, Mike, and others, Atlantic was established as an excellent supplier in the textile industry with several key customers. It was during this period that Eric became exposed to these customers and the industry.

Thanks to Atlantic’s investment in technical resources, some collaborative development with a key film partner, and a commitment from Atlantic's equipment partners, Atlantic developed a unique expertise in supporting the handling and shipping of fabric and cut-parts for textile customers. This expertise involved a skilled team of Atlantic technicians, engineers and sales professionals.

The early relationships established by Rusty and Mike grew over time with help from this team and Atlantic evolved into a company with a greater depth of offerings including printed paperboard packaging, printed pressure sensitive labels, sophisticated end-of-line packaging equipment solutions, flexible packaging, and a wide variety of cutting room papers. As the textile industry exited the Carolinas and the Southeast in the mid-2000’s, Atlantic invested heavily in facilities, equipment, and people to continue supporting these key customers in Central America, the Caribbean, and Asia.

Over 20 years with Atlantic, Eric has managed Atlantic facilities in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and Charlotte. During this time, Atlantic’s service platform and offering for the textile industry has grown dramatically. Eric is proud to be a part of the large and talented team that serves this industry for Atlantic today.

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Textiles Packaging

Atlantic has a long and valued history with the textile industry. In the early years of our development in the southeastern U.S., over half of our customers were in yarn, fabric, textiles, or apparel manufacturing. See Our History.

Through over 60 years of servicing relationships in the needle trade, Atlantic has developed product expertise unmatched by the general line packaging supplies.

Cutting Room Supplies

Atlantic offers a wide selection of cutting room supplies for garment manufacturers at low, competitive costs.

We deliver value

We carry kraft table papers, perforated bottom paper, separating and plotter paper, and heat sealed paper. With our vast distribution network, we are able to deliver the cutting room supplies you need, when you need them and with significant cost savings.

We improve efficiency

Atlantic knows and understands the material and operational needs of the textile industry. With this knowledge, we have gained the ability to help solve problems and streamline processes in the cutting room. Our heat sealed paper, for example, can be applied to fabric to help create an efficient process for accurate cutting.

We're on your team

Team up with Atlantic for a cutting room supply source with industry knowledge, quality materials, and the technical skills to help achieve efficiency and cost savings.

Stretch film roll packaging side

Retail Packaging

Our vast and varied supply of packaging materials are at the heart of how we can provide value to garment makers. Our customers find significant value and cost savings in using Atlantic as a one-stop source for all their packaging supplies, from secondary to internal and retail packaging.

Secondary Packaging

We provide a full selection of secondary packaging materials and equipment ideal for readying shipments bound for the sewing facilities. We have poly bags and baggers, films, labels and tags, carton erectors, carton tapes, and tape machines.

Internal Packaging for Retail

The internal packaging materials we can supply for retail include special fabric contact tape and a dispenser that makes the application process as efficient as possible. We also supply die cut and square cut inserts for every apparel package design.

Retail Printing, Packaging, and Labels

Atlantic has developed our packaging program to include high quality retail packaging materials. We're able to provide fancy folding cartons, labels, and vinyl bags, all custom printed and verified through our Quality Control system (see: Atlantic Printing & Graphics).

Our ability to print on films, cartons, and labels and have all those materials run through our Quality Control process means that we can deliver color consistency across all those mediums and ensure that your brand is represented with excellence.

Our sales and customer service teams are dedicated to providing the secondary and primary retail packaging materials that will display your brand in the best possible way, at the lowest possible cost and with timely and efficient delivery.


Atlantic Printing and Graphics has the tools, the expertise, and the commitment to our customers that can help streamline your labeling needs.

Our team ensures that your label supply is accurate, consistent, and on-time and that your overall labeling system contributes to your uptime and efficiency.

Labels for Sorting and Shipping

We know that labeling plays a critical role in the movement of textiles and cut pieces from the cutting room to the sewing facility and we have the materials and equipment to make this process as efficient as possible.

Retail Labels

We also know that retail labeling for clothing items has a major responsibility when it comes to retail sales. Labels show off your brand and can make a significant difference in how well your garments are presented on the shelves.

Whether labels are going on film, folded cartons or poly bags, the process for labeling has to be efficient and effective, with maximum uptime throughout the entire operation.

See more info about Atlantic Printing & Graphics.

Count on us

Count on Atlantic for labeling that fulfills your sorting, shipping, and retail packaging needs. We also provide the labeling equipment needed for every step of your packaging process.

Stretch Packaging Equipment

Wrwa 200 horizontal stretch wrapper

Atlantic represents Wulftec, the established leader in stretch wrap equipment and orbital stretch technology. We supply and service this equipment to meet the demands and stretch wrap needs of our textile customers (see more about our Stretch Packaging).

"Moon Rock" Containment

As the textile industry migrated offshore and a separation developed between fabric manufacturing and finished apparel, Atlantic was the first team to offer effective "moon rock" containment for shipping jersey and fleece flat textiles or cut parts to sewing plants.

The highly calibrated stretch wrap equipment we offer together with proprietary manufactured stretch films provide a significantly reduced cost for this moon rock containment.

Data Driven Results

Our patented stretch wrap monitoring system (MUST) collects data on your stretch wrapper performance. Equipment operators can monitor this data and make necessary adjustments to ensure that you are operating at optimum levels in terms of film and machinery.

When you work with Atlantic for your stretch packaging needs, you can rest assured knowing that your success is our priority.

Technical Expertise

One of the most significant ways that Atlantic stands out from our competition is through our crew of expert technicians. Together with our experienced sales and support team, Atlantic technicians deliver efficiency, support, reduced downtime, and cost savings.

Best in the Business

We take great care to employ experienced and knowledgeable technicians who are dedicated to serving our customers.

The top priority at Atlantic is always the success of our customers. Our ability to have technicians readily available to design, monitor, maintain, and service packaging equipment for your textile operation directly serves this mission.

Our technical team is at work for you from the very start. We monitor and optimize existing equipment to determine best possible performance at the lowest possible cost. If new or additional equipment is needed, our team will determine the best machinery and materials for your textile applications.

Rely on Atlantic to keep your textile packaging operations running smoothly and efficiently and to deliver true cost savings.

Learn more about Atlantic Technical Service.