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  We offer a wide range of inventoried tapes for various applications including carton sealing, color coding, paint masking, and cold temperatures along with tapes that complement our case sealing equipment.  

Jim Friesinger
VP, Packaging Products

Jim Friesinger

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Jim Friesinger

Jim started his career in packaging in 1977. He developed his customer base with a dedication to building strong, long-term relationships. Jim came over to Atlantic in 1994, maintaining many of these relationships and to this day has customers he’s been calling on for 35 years.

His expertise in sales extends from pharmaceuticals to the automotive industry, from protein to produce. Jim credits the culture and leadership at Atlantic for opening the path to explore new opportunities. Jim works closely with our equipment sales specialists, technical service team, custom packaging engineers, and printing and graphics experts to provide his customers with every available resource Atlantic has to offer.


Case Forming & Sealing

Case erectors, case sealers, and packing tape make up the fundamental components of many packaging lines, especially for online retailers and order fulfillment centers.

Atlantic is a leading supplier of case erecting and case sealing equipment from Belcor, Wexxar, 3M and Combi. We also carry our own line of premium Benchmark packing tapes ideal for any packaging environment and application.

Let our sales team and technicians find the right match of equipment and materials to ensure that you’re using the appropriate methods and amount of tape, saving the most money in the process.

Case Closure

Belcore 252 case sealer packaging equipment

Improved Efficiency

Automatic case sealing greatly improves efficiency on the packaging line and also saves on material usage by applying the proper amount of tape to each and every package.

Our technicians have vast experience working with case sealers and can help you select the best case closure equipment as well as the best tapes for your specific application.

We also have a design and integration team capable of designing a floor plan to integrate the machine into your packaging line and provide mechanical and electrical installation.

We are a premier distributor for 3M and Combi Case Sealers and we are also a Wexxar/Belcor agent.

Case Erectors

Case erectors can provide incredible value for relatively low costs, bringing outstanding efficiency, speed, and productivity to the packaging line.

From small, semi-automatic equipment that adapts easily to any case sealer, to fully automatic, high speed erectors and sealers, the savings in space and labor are unmatched.

Case erecting and sealing is the first step in packaging line automation. Our sales and technical teams are highly experienced in matching the right case erector equipment for your specific needs while our integration team can incorporate the equipment into your line through design and installation.

We are a Belcor/Wexxar agent for high quality, reliable case erector equipment.

Wexxar case erector packaging equipment

Packaging Tape

Benchmark carton sealing tape corrugated box closure

Benchmark Tapes

Atlantic’s own line of Benchmark Tapes are high quality, cost efficient products that cover all adhesive applications in your packaging line or manufacturing floor. From masking tape to strapping tape and sealing tape, Benchmark Tapes are premium products that will meet your high expectations.

Speciality Tapes

Atlantic also represents the world’s leading manufacturers of tape and adhesive technology, 3M and Shurtape, allowing us to offer specialty tapes and abrasives (sandpaper). We deliver a range of products from these brands including hot melts, aerosols, unusual core sizes, narrow widths, colors, and abrasive products for discs, belts, wheels, or hand-sanding pads, rolls, or sheets.

Through our extensive inventory management program, you can be confident that Atlantic can deliver the tape products you need, when you need them.

Case Materials

General Purpose
Masking, Strapping, Colors, Films, Papers, Protective

Carton Sealing
Manual, Automatic, Colors, Prints, PVC, Polypropylene, Polyester

Duct, Colors, Vinyl Coated, Poly Coated, Military Spec, Waterproff, Flame Retardant

Double Coated
Papers, Films, Transfers, Repulpables, Foams

Direct Skin Contact, Clean Room, Resealable, Sterilization Tape, Tamper Evident Tape, Die Cut

High Temp, High Tack, High Tensile, Heat Activated, Electricals, Foils, Teflons / Kaptons, Special Sizes

Water Activated
Reinforced, Paper, Colors, Prints, Strippable, Pilfer-Proof

Colored Tapes
Coding, Identification, Safety, Inventory

The Team

Our sales and technical staff at Atlantic assist in determining the best methods and best products for carton closure for your specific products. Our goals are to ensure that you use only the exact length and width of tape required as well as to find the most cost effective adhesive combination to minimize your costs.

Our team is dedicated to your success in delivering a product that is sealed properly from departure to arrival at its destination. Whether you have thin, lightweight cases or jumbo cartons, we will find the tape and case closure system to cut costs and improve performance.